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Founded in the year 2002, the New Brunswick Latino Association Inc., is a non profit organization founded in accordance with the Province of New Brunswick laws, which follows and respects the Canadian Legislature in all aspects.

The New Brunswick Latino Association Inc., aims to contribute to the formation and strengthening of the Ibero-American community in the province, through promoting and diffusing its culture.

In the beginning the activity that joined the organization was the First Latino Film Festival held in the province. And little by little the association began to take on bigger roles and began to plan more ambitious goals, at the regional and provincial level, and now the New Brunswick Latino Association Inc. has become a common place for members of the Latino community, and their Canadian friends, not only around the province, but in the Atlantic region as well.

The New Brunswick Latino Association Inc. has become one of the most important cultural associations in the province, and has members from many countries including some from Europe, such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, and many from Latin America such as El Salvador, Costa Rica , Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and also from Canada and the United States, which greatly enriches the diversity of its cultural heritage, and for the same reason is an essential reference for those interested in the interaction and inclusion of families, students and individuals who live in among the neighbourhoods in the region.